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On a computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008, you can use the netsh interface ipv6 show route command to display the IPv6 routing table entries. The following is a sample routing table from a domain-joined computer running Windows 7 that has a single LAN network adapter, no IPv6 routers on the attached subnet, and no Move persistent route table to a new computer Sep 20, 2011 Understanding routing tables - TechRepublic May 23, 2001 Troubleshoot Windows TCP/IP problems with our Route

A routing table is a database that keeps track of paths, like a map, and uses these to determine which way to forward traffic. A routing table is a data file in RAM that is used to store route information about directly connected and remote networks. Nodes can also share the contents of their routing table …

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How to Add, Delete and Modify Static Route Windows 10 and

Troubleshoot Windows TCP/IP problems with our Route Oct 09, 2003 windows 7 - IP Route Table gets reset on restart - Server My route table has 3 gateways for the internet { network destination & mask } I have given metric values as follows : Lowest (10) to the one I want to use. Higher (20 & 30) to the rest of the two. This means I use the correct internet connection when I boot up with all modems lit up and running. IP routing table issue - Microsoft Community