(The ports open on my computer) 1/tcp unknown tcpmux 3/tcp unknown compressnet 4/tcp unknown unknown 6/tcp unknown unknown 7/tcp unknown echo 9/tcp unknown discard 13/tcp unknown daytime 17/tcp unknown qotd 19/tcp unknown chargen 20/tcp unknown ftp …

Dec 14, 2013 · Ports on your router. So, your router has open ports. This really doesn’t worry me. Your router is protecting your computers by acting as a firewall, which means that whether the ports are open or not, incoming attempts to connect are simply not accepted. At best there’s no response, and if not at least a “no, go away”. If you'd like to have your computer remotely scanned for vulnerable open ports use our Security Scan instead. To see a list of listening ports, open Command Prompt and type: C:\> netstat -ano |find /i "listening" You can change "listening" to "established" to see what ports your computer actually communicates on at the moment. Oct 21, 2019 · Now that we’ve got all the basic knowledge about TCP and UDP ports out of the way, it’s time to get down to the process of finding which ports are open and in use on your computer. The good news is that Windows has a pretty useful command built into it that will show you what ports are currently being used on your computer by various Jan 08, 2017 · What ports are open on my computer is a common question that asked by a lot of peoples. Because some ports are associated with special services and these ports have to be open for your computer to run properly, It is very important to know the ports that are open on your computer, .

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HACK REMOTE COMPUTER VIA IP AND OPEN PORT - ETHICAL … Use Advanced Port Scanner to scan all open and venerable ports. Now you’ve IP address and open port address of the victim, you can now use telnet to try to access them. Make sure that you’ve telnet enabled in your computer or install it from Control panel > Add remove programs > add windows components. Open ports on router suddenly closed - Windows 10 Forums Mar 20, 2019

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Dec 06, 2019 How to Identify Ports on a Computer using Device Manager There are 4 steps to naming the external serial ports on a computer: Count the number of serial devices on the back of the computer. These include external serial ports and internal modems. The phone jack ports on a card in a slot can identify an internal modem. An serial port may have a mouse or hand-held computer cradle attached to it. netstat - How to check opened/closed ports on my computer Actually there is a better way to see what ports you have open. The issue with netstat or lsof is that they query network stack and actually do not connect to the machine but instead trying to see what is running on the system. The better approach is to use nmap like so: nmap -sT -O localhost To see open ports. Computer Basics: Buttons and Ports on a Computer