Dec 29, 2008

Aquiring Network Address Forever - Verizon Fios Then it just says "Acquiring Network Address" forever and just keeps saying that. Not sure what else to do and can't get in touch with anyone. I also don't want to sit on hold for 2 hrs and at $200 a month for just slow internet and tv, I don't think that's fair acquiring network address forever | Tech Support Apr 28, 2010 Cannot acquire network address cannot get on wireless Dec 15, 2010 Acquiring network address - Linksys Community

Aquiring Network Address issue By luv2bike2 · 10 years ago One of my users has an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop, XP Media Center Edition, SP3, MS updates up to date.

Red: acquiring network address

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When I try to connect wirelessly, it keeps saying "Acquiring Network Address". After about 2 minutes my laptop informs me that I have "Limited or no connectivity." I have done diagnostics on my laptop and there are no problems. My network key is entered correctly. Also, a friend also has the same problem when he tries to connect to my wireless "Aquiring Network Address" message on LAN connection "Aquiring Network Address" message on LAN connection Hello - My wired DSL connection on my Dell Dimension desktop had been working fine until I added a wireless laptop to the network. Ever since that day my desktop receives a "aquiring network address" message when it's started and it never connects via the "Local Area Connection". I"m stuck at "acquiring ip address" Solutions | Experts