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VPN Load Balancing configuration ( on all ASA's in the cluster) vpn load-balancing redirect-fqdn enable cluster ip address participate. Name Resolution: The redirect-fqdn enable setting makes the ASA issue a redirect using hostname as opposed to IP address.

Hi Daniele, You cannot run both of them on two ASA firewalls, either failover feature or VPN load balancing feature. In case you need to use both feature you have to use more than three ASA firewalls, first two ASAs will work as Failover and the third ASA will work as VPN cluster for them, the following example using four firewalls: Cisco ASA VTI (9.7) Route Based VPN with load-balancing and failover – Setup Guide vektorprime February 20, 2017

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Since you already have dual-WAN setup on the RV340, and since you just want to use the ASA for VPN, then just put the ASA off to the side. In the above drawing, the RV340 is the default gateway for all vlans (represented by colors). The ASA is on its own vlan, but it could be on a …