Google responds to the user's request from an Edge Network location that will provide the lowest latency.

peer about To scan (an area) around one with one's eyes; to glance or gaze ahead and side to side. I peered about the room, looking for my friend in the crowd of people. The man stepped out of his front door, peered about suspiciously, then went right back inside. See also: peer peer around To scan (an area) around one with one's eyes; to glance or gaze What does peering mean? - definitions Definition of peering in the dictionary. Meaning of peering. What does peering mean? The pure definition of peering is settlement-free or "sender keeps all," meaning that neither party pays the other for the exchanged traffic; instead, each derives revenue from its own customers. Peering requires physical interconnection of What is Peering? - Definition from Techopedia 2020-7-21 · Peering is a relationship between Internet service providers (ISP) in which they share a direct network instead of routing traffic through the Internet. Peering is either done directly between the ISPs or through a centralized peering exchange. Peering allows for very fast traffic at low cost because the ISPs connect directly to each other, Peer definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary 2 days ago · Peer definition: If you peer at something, you look at it very hard , usually because it is difficult to | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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As discussed in earlier posts, as networks grow larger it starts making sense to exchange traffic with other networks directly rather than pay one or more big ISPs to handle all your internet traffic (transit).When you start peering, you’ll have to figure out what your peering policy should look like.. When you first start peering over a single internet exchange (IX), it’s very simple.

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