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Sep 11, 2009 I am trying to find the history on a lenovo computer. I I want to get back my deleted MINECRAFT world. The Lenovo computer was lagging so i had to Restart the computer without saving the world and when i went back on minecraft my whole world was gone. I think im looking for the Windows system logs to retrace my steps. How to Turn On File History in Windows 10 - dummies The File History window opens. It lists the external drives connected to your computer. Select the Turn On button. Then close the Settings app and repeat steps to return to the Back Up Using File History screen. Turn on the Automatically Back Up My Files setting if this setting isn’t already turned on. How to view Computer History with InfoFind - Omnicognic

How do I find My history on my computer? | Yahoo Answers

Jul 25, 2012 · I am trying to locate my Safari web browsing history and cannot seem to find more than a weeks worth in the History of my Safari Bookmarks. I was told to go to Settings then Safari then Advanced Settings but I do not have any Advanced Settings under Safari.

May 06, 2016